About Splashdown

Do you remember diving into the water as a child?

You leap from your perch, perhaps a bit scared of the wet world waiting below. The exhilaration of flight. The rush of air. The tingly anticipation of a good soaking.

Then, the splashdown. 
You hit the surface. It surprises you even though you knew it was coming, even though you've done this a hundred times before.

In a second the cool wetness submerges you. 
You are immersed in the embrace of an alien world. Strange noises fill your ears. You cannot breathe. Perhaps you peer through the murk and glimpse a fish, a waterweed, a sandy seafloor, riverbed, or pool tiling. Slanting sunbeams play through the ripples.

You are refreshed and revitalised. 
Your body propels you back to the world of air and light. You burst out of the water and yell just for the fun of it.

Change of scene, from the familiar to the fantastic. 
You are an astronaut inside a tiny lifepod. The journey has been long, and finally you are arriving on a new planet.  Consider what lies ahead as you approach splashdown time. It's been lonely out there, and you eagerly anticipate meeting other beings again. Seeing land. Buildings. Food that isn't just mush. Even if those beings, those buildings and those foods are like nothing you know. 

You have come to a new world. 
These thoughts run through your head in the last seconds, and then your capsule hits the alien ocean. Water bubbles up around your window. Gravity sucks you down and down and down. It reminds you of that other picture, jumping from the wharf in your childhood - this plunge into the wet, this foreign underwater world. For a moment you wonder if this sea has the same flotation properties as the salty brine of your home.

Then the downwards movement eases and you sense you are ascending. How far down did you go? The gases inside your lifepod now rush you up towards the new air. What will you find in this new world?

This is what Splashdown Books is all about. We want to give you stories that refresh and surprise you, shake you and energise you.

Enter new worlds with us and experience that sudden shock of coolness, that altered state of being that comes from reading a good book. Walk through fantasy worlds and science fiction futures, and come out seeing things differently.

Watch this space for new faces in optimistic science fiction and fantasy - both family-friendly and mature.

Splashdown Books is a small independent publisher operating out of New Zealand, for the world. Founded by Grace Bridges in 2009.

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