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2015 - Message to Writers

Effective immediately, Splashdown Books will be operating as an Author Co-op. 
Here's how it works:
  1. You submit your details with a blurb and first 1000 words on our submissions page.
  2. If your writing sample attains the initial quality I require, you will qualify to purchase an editing pass from me. This includes everything: line edits, substantive "big-picture" story edits, and proofreading, all as needed.
  3. I will decide whether your story content meets Splashdown's vision and let you know if you qualify to continue the process with us.
  4. After that, you may still choose to self-publish on your own. But if I approve your manuscript and you'd like to have the backing of an established brand as well as the affirmation of belonging to a group of quality authors, I invite you to send your revised version back to me for a second pass. 
  5. I will need to approve your cover and technical design (final PDF print files), or you can also hire me to do that for you. If your own version does not meet approval, you undertake to adjust it until it does.
  6. I'll talk you through setting up the book on your own print and ebook distribution accounts. You get to use the Splashdown logo, appear on my website and in my newsletter, and you'll get a Splashdown ISBN for your print edition. You will keep all the income; although you'll be part of Splashdown, I will have no claim on your royalties. You'll have instant access to your own sales reports and you'll be paid directly by the distributors!
  7. In return I ask that you take care of ISBN registration and also send a print copy to me. This involves sending a total of three paperbacks to New Zealand. I also ask that you include up to five full-page ads for other Splashdown titles in the back of your print edition, and simpler blurbs with links in your ebook. I will provide this material and insert it for you if needed.
  8. I'll give you any technical coaching as necessary, and tell you everything I know about marketing.
If money is an issue, I'm willing to talk about bartering for your skills if you can help me in an area I require.