Winter  by Keven Newsome

Winter Maessen didn't ask for the gift of prophecy. She's happy being a freak - but now everyone thinks she's crazy. Or evil. 
Goths aren't all the same, you know. Some are Christians. 
...Christians to whom God sends visions.

Students at her university are being attacked, and Winter knows there's more than flesh and blood at work. 
Her gift means she's the only one who can stop it - but at what price? \

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Few things are as thrilling as finding a new writer whose talent for storytelling is obvious from page one. Well, meet Keven Newsome and prepare to be thrilled. If his chilling debut novel, Winter, doesn’t leave your breathless and wanting more, you better make sure you have a pulse. Well developed characters, an intriguing, fast-paced plot, top-notch craftsmanship—Winter (and Keven Newsome) delivers in spades.

~ Robert Liparulo, author of Comes a Horseman, Germ, the Dreamhouse Kings series 

 Winter by Keven Newsome is chilling, mysterious, and downright scary, but completely possible. You not only read about Winter’s spiritual journey, but you see, believe, and struggle together with her.

~ Pete Turner, author of Whisper a Scream (Noche Files I)


With exceptional characters and a compelling storyline, I literally stormed through the pages. This Winter is as unique as a snowflake—and like skiing downhill—exhilarating.

~ Kerry Nietz, author of A Star Curiously Singing and The Superlative Stream


In your hands you hold a treasure, superbly crafted and spirit driven. Keven Newsome has written a story that delivers on every level and is so powerful you'll want to read it more than once. Hollywood needs this manuscript. Winter is that good.

~ Matt Koceich, author of The Sending


Awesome debut novel. This is breathless. The spirit world is invisible, yet it may not be as irrelevant as it seems, especially to a young Goth who is surprised to learn she has the gift of prophecy. Dangerous goings-on at a Christian college pull her to rely on faith as she untangles a web of evil. I raced through this book. Sharply drawn characters and exciting events kept me reading deep into the night.

~ Amy Deardon, author of A Lever Long Enough and Story Template: Conquer Writer’s Block Using the Universal Structure of Story.


Christian Goth—way cool concept. A thrilling and suspenseful story. Fast-paced (and well-paced) with interesting characters that captured my heart—especially Winter. The parallel storytelling worked perfectly.

~ Kat Heckenbach, author of Finding Angel and short story author in Feckless and Chicken Soup for the Soul


This is not your average Christian novel. This is the story that raises a thousand issues which are all too often avoided; supernatural struggles, alternative lifestyles, prophecy. I stayed up until 2 am on a Saturday night glued to this book, entranced by the depths of the plot and the character. Not only is this an excellent read, but it presents the truth of the gospel through the eyes of an outcast.

~ Mary Rochelle Unsworth, student


I have only read a couple of books that were powerful enough to make me actually cry—this was one of them.

~ Angie Crain, homemaker


We’ve all read and heard of the prophets of old. How God used them to lead his people and give them direction. Keven Newsome has a wonderful imagination and a careful attention to detail that brings to life this story of a modern day prophetess. It is full of action and mystery, and will keep you wanting more.

~ Matt Parish, oil industry employee


Winter has captivated me in a way no other book has in a very long time. It is a riveting, page-turning journey of self-understanding and coming-to-grips with letting go and letting God work in and through the life of Winter Maessen. The plot is rich and suspenseful and the characters seem so real, you find yourself immersed in the articulately woven tapestry of the story.

~ Hope Hogan, biology teacher