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Blood and Brine

What should be a season of rejoicing over Duke Vahn's newly-recovered son is overshadowed by fear of an uncertain future. Vahn's brother, King Arx, expands the war with neighboring Ganluc, while enemies at home seek to shatter the Rebono dynasty forever. Strained relations between royal twins harden into cold suspicion and treasonous accusations while a deadly plague sweeps across the land.

As the royal bloodline is torn asunder, two races, the Elva and Itzi, discover that only together can they stop the plague and restore their unraveling kingdom.

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Once again, Caprice Hokstad does not disappoint. Blood and Brine is a beautifully-crafted tale of redemption and reconciliation. Fans will love the finale to this wonderful trilogy. New readers will be captivated by the citizens of Latoph!

~Deborah Cullins Smith, contributing author, Light at the Edge of Darkness, Underground Rising, and soon-to-be-released Premonitions.

Caprice Hokstad brings her A-game to Blood and Brine, the third book in her Ascendancy Triology. A captivating story with all the characters her fans have come to love and her new fans will adore. Adventure and action will keep readers transfixed. Hokstad has created a magical, wonderful world with gripping characters who bring you in and make you long to find your own Latoph.

~S. M. Kirkland, author of Higher Honor

Adventure. Intrigue. Danger. Blood and Brine: Book Three of the Ascendancy Trilogy is Caprice Hokstad’s exciting conclusion to her fantasy series. The action is Machiavellian, and the good guys must be sharp to stay one step ahead of treachery. Blood and Brine will entertain, and should win many new readers to the world of Byntar. 

~Frank Creed, author of Flashpoint and War of Attrition

With intrigue and depth, Blood and Brine is, I believe, my favorite of Caprice Hokstad’s Latoph books. The concluding episode of this saga left me both satisfied and wishing the story would continue. Her story world is rich, with fully-fleshed characters and themes that settle into my thoughts and won’t let go. 

~Kat Heckenbach, author of Finding Angel

A true fantasy without falling into the Tolkien model; a definite read for any fantasy buff. Caprice is truly a master world builder.  This was the first book in her series that I read, but within a few chapters I felt like I’d been reading in that universe my whole life. Now that I have finished I’m going back to get the first two in the series!

~ T. W. Ambrose, Managing Editor, Digital Dragon Magazine

Caprice Hokstad has really found her stride in Blood and Brine and I am happy to say it is lovely. As if slavery, war and kidnapping weren't enough in the first two of the Ascendancy Trilogy, Hokstad has poured a plague upon Latoph and all surrounding kingdoms in the middle of war and garnished it with a little treason. Hokstad has the ability in her writing to produce strong emotion in her readers, and that is invaluable. 

~Diane M. Graham, author of I Am Ocilla