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Finding Angel

Angel doesn’t remember her magical heritage…but it remembers her.

Magic and science collide when she embarks on a journey to her true home, and to herself. 
Angel lives with a loving foster family, but dreams of a land that exists only in the pages of a fantasy novel. Until she meets Gregor, whose magic Talent saves her life and revives lost memories. 
Angel follows Gregor to her homeland…a world unlike any she has imagined, where she travels a path of self-discovery that leads directly to her role in an ancient Prophecy…and to the madman who set her fate in motion. 

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Finding Angel was awesome! I can’t wait for the second book.

~ Mackenzie Herrell, age 13

Finding Angel is a truly inspiring tale. With the perfect mixture of mystery and magic, every page leaves you wanting more.

~ Kaylee Williams, age 13


An amazing book, written by a very talented author! From the moment I started it I couldn’t put it down—the characters grabbed my attention with their humor, self-sacrifice, and all too human mistakes (the dragons were really cool too!). My only issue with this book was that it ended too soon! I just have one question: When will I get to read more about Angel and her friends?

~ Katie Patchell, age 15


It was fabulous! In my opinion you can hold your own with J.K. Rowling.

~ Barbi Herrell, analyst


It is a story I think about when I'm not reading it, the characters and story stay with me. I find the story believable and interesting with characters I can imagine meeting and getting to know. I can't wait to get to the next one! A tightly woven tale, thoroughly enjoyable!

~ Kecia Strock, homeschooling mom


Finding Angel is a wonderful story that swept me into another world. I found myself wishing to visit Toch Island, discover my Talent and adopt a pet dragon, and I'm a middle-aged mom! Kat Heckenbach is a gifted writer, who has created a memorable cast of characters. I grew to love them as their adventure unfolded, and my only disappointment was that the story had to end.

~ Shawna Williams, author of No Other, In All Things, and Orphaned Hearts


This one will captivate you.

~ Amy Deardon, author of A Lever Long Enough


A delightful, engaging story full of magic, wonder, and mystery…an imaginative world where surprises are around every turn.

~ C.S. Lakin, author of The Wolf of Tebron and The Map Across Time


Charming on its surface...also roiling with hidden peril. Opening Finding Angel is like opening a living jigsaw puzzle. Reading it becomes the delight of joining the enchanted pieces even as they change shape into dragons and mushrooms, or whisper clues with the rustle of leaves, or merge of their own accord into pictures within pictures sparkling with magic.

~ Sherry Thompson, author of Seabird and Earthbow