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Isles of Myst

Dr. Aidan Fraser betrayed his Mystic heritage to join the modern world. He heads the Institutes for Quantum Research where he created an inexhaustible power source. But Caitlyn Drummond - Aidan's intended before he fled the Isles of Myst - warns of a vision prophesying the end of all flesh. Anthropian Warlords have stolen the technology, and Aidan must recover the designs to prevent them from being converted to military use. But Aidan's ill-equipped to do it alone. The Warlords are cunning and possess almost supernatural abilities. Caitlyn convinces Aidan to return to the Isles and retrain in the Mystic Arts if he hopes to thwart the Warlords. Aidan knows the price for Caitlyn's help will cost his freedom, but it is the only way to save a corrupt and violent world. Even so, might it still be possible to escape the Isles and Caitlyn Drummond a second time?

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