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Nor Iron Bars a Cage

The slave: a criminal? The master: a slave? For love and honor's sake... 

In a last-ditch attempt to find his kidnapped son, Duke Vahn sends his most trusted servant to pose as a runaway slave in the hostile country of Ganluc. Meanwhile, the challenge he faces at home is no less daunting. 

This beautiful story is full of images: servitude in leadership, ungrudging chivalry, and a love that endures through adversity.


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I classify it as a darn good read and a lot of fun. One to read and then ponder. The story makes you think and wonder about where your own heart is at and who it really belongs to … and who does it serve? 
~Geralyn Beauchamp, author of Time Masters

Hokstad’s story unfolds like a beautiful ballet of words; elegant descriptions of simple rituals bring Byntar alive. But romance is only a small part of the story; there is plenty of action and a good dose of humor. 
~S.M. Kirkland, author of Higher Honor

There are some very deep issues in this novel, much deeper than they may appear on the surface. Caprice Hokstad has painstakingly laid out a new world with luxurious descriptions, from the topography and weather to the racial and cultural differences to the events and décor of the homes. Her descriptions made me wince with pain, smile at the sweetness of kee, and feel the thirst in the desert. 
~Cathi Hassan, Book Reviewer

Despite the disturbing nature of this subject matter, the novel also provides a glimpse at how character and prejudice can influence people’s attitudes and behavior. It clearly displays many evils of slavery and arbitrary law enforcement as well. Kee and Vahn both learn many things about their world and themselves in addition to recognizing and appreciating the blessings they both have. 
~Melissa Meeks, Book Reviewer

Amid a genre cluttered with predictability, Hokstad creates something unique, something remarkable. Her intoxicating prose dances in rhythm to the complexity of her characters and storyline. Visceral, yet progressive, Nor Iron Bars a Cage is unquestionably a triumph in the realm of fantasy! 
~William A. Kooiker, author of The Knight of the Dove

As always, Caprice delivers a unique and compelling story filled with action and drama. I can’t wait for the third part of the series! 
~Glyn Shull, Editor, The Cross and Cosmos Magazine

Hokstad’s Byntar is believable, her characters three-dimensional and complex, and her plot well-defined plot and rife with conflict, a touch of mystery and an undercurrent of romance. One of the best fantasies I’ve read by a new author…this well-crafted fantasy will enchant both casual readers and hardcore fantasy enthusiasts. In my opinion it’s a must have for any fantasy collection. 
~Donna Sundblad, author of Windwalker and Beyond the Fifth Gate

Ms. Hokstad’s delightful prose draws the reader effortlessly into her scenes and through her story…The story is written to be savored, for here there be no monsters, no wizards, no clashing of swords—just the refreshing story of forbidden love, with characters who choose to lead lives of honorable passion rather than passionate expediency. 
~Michael A. Heald, author of A Rumor of Dragons

Interesting characters set in the rich culture of a fantasy world accompany the reader through a story of revenge and courtly intrigues. The provocative sub-plot of master and slave switching roles—if only for a limited period of time—provides emotional and cultural depth that is rare among novels of the fantasy genre. Add to that a sparkling mixture of versatile prose that makes reading easy and entertaining, and what you’ve got is an unusual and highly enjoyable installment of a fantasy trilogy that will certainly win the hearts of many readers. 
~Stephanie Thoma

Nor Iron Bars a Cage is an inspired tale that kept me up late at night. Driving action, tender romance, sacrifice and service; this book embodies the fantasy genre. The characters involve you emotionally and you can’t wait for their ascendance. Caprice Hokstad is my favorite new author and I can’t wait to read her next book, and the next, and the next. 
~Sgt. Jeremy Ashley, US Army

Like its predecessor, this novel intrigues from beginning to end. Surprising turns and suspense, combined with the author’s skill in bringing her fantasy world to life, draw the reader along to a conclusion that satisfies while still leaving plenty of questions open for the next chapter of the story. I look forward to my next journey to Latoph! 
~Trina L. Talma, author of Silver and Blood

I couldn’t put it down. The ideas of chivalry, slavery and perspective make this a very deep, moving and thought provoking book. I am eagerly awaiting the next volume! 
~PFC Ben Edwards, US Army