July 2014 Sale

Stock Clearout! Limited quantities only! Must be gone by the end of the month...

Descriptions for each book can be found in the dropdown menu tabs "Science Fiction", "Fantasy", "Darkwater" and "Anthologies".

One book: $8
Two books: $12
Three books: $18
Four books: $24
Five books: $30

Post & packaging costs within the US: $3 for the first book plus $1 for each additional book.

The following books are available - pick any combination:

1 Faith Awakened by Grace Bridges
8 The Muse by Fred Warren 
15 The Seer by Fred Warren (sequel to The Muse)
11 Odd Little Miracles by Fred Warren 
2 The Duke's Handmaid by Caprice Hokstad (Book 1 of the Ascendancy Trilogy)
2 Nor Iron Bars a Cage by Caprice Hokstad (Book 2 of the Ascendancy Trilogy)
2 Tales of the Dim Knight by Adam and Andrea Graham
1 Reality's Dawn by R. L. Copple
6 Aquasynthesis
2 Aquasynthesis Again

If your desired title has sold out we will reverse the charge and ask you to place a new order.

If you live outside the US, please shoot us an email via our Contact page and we'll find a cost for your shipping.
Some covers may vary from website images.

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(If you forget, we will email you to find out what you want, but this may delay your order!)