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Frank Creed

Frank Creed is the creator of the Underground, and founder of the Lost Genre Guild. Enter the Underground with Flashpoint: Book One of the Underground (novel) first place, Best Sci-Fi Novel, 2006, Elfwood,com, first place, Impress Award, Christian Fiction Review Blog Tour
Finalist, 2007 Pluto Award from Yellow 30 Sci-Fi, nominee for the Clive Staples Award at the, Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour
The Underground novels continue with War of Attrition, and Devil’s Hit List, with Dark Shepherd and Lost Zone still to come. Frank’s other publishing credits include The Last Newspaper (short story) First place, 1983 at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Annual High School Creative Writing Festival, Light at the Edge of Darkness (three short stories in this Biblical speculative fiction anthology) that scored a Top-Ten Readers' Choice Award, 2007, Preditors and Editors. Frank is a housecatter who lives near Vancouver, BC. 

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