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Alpha Revelation

by P. A. Baines

A Martian child with a mysterious past.

A spaceship, sealed and forgotten, now awakened.

An evil from another time and place, seeking revenge.

The forefathers built a new home on the Red Planet and named it Utopia but, for Shor, life in the underground Martian colony is anything but utopian. With few friends and no prospects, he has never really fitted in. And he is aware of something approaching. Something evil.

His dream of working in the Space Program is the only thing keeping him sane. When even this is taken from him, he thinks life cannot possibly get any worse. 

Then, during a routine fix on a hangar door, he stumbles upon a neglected and forgotten spaceship, and his life is turned upside down.

Could this spaceship hold the key to his past, his future, and the approaching apocalypse?

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