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Devil's Hit List

by Frank Creed

Return to the UNDERGROUND... 

The hottest new thing on the street isn't a drug - it's a virtual reality experience that makes crack cocaine look like cotton candy. 

There is, however, one side-effect: it's lethal. 

When the One State contracts the Ash Corporation to produce Virtual-e, a highly addictive entertainment intended to reduce global population levels, Calamity Kid and his crew are tasked to stop its production in North America. 

But how far can the Underground heroes get when battling the combined forces of global government and mega-corporation?

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Stepping into Devil’s Hit List, Book Three of Frank Creed’s Underground Series, is like free falling from 20,000 feet. You get an adrenalin rush from the get go and a mind-stunning view of a world gone completely mad...Make sure you have plenty of espresso on hand when you read this chilling new thriller from the verbal master of Biblical Spec Fiction. Frank Creed has crafted another masterpiece that will take you into a mind blowing world. You’ll wonder if you’ve fallen into some high octane video game. Strap yourself in, because this is another ride of a lifetime that will keep you turning the pages.
~Steven C. Macon, author Descent into Darkness