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Faith Awakened

OUT OF PRINT - Please read Mariah's Dream, a completely rewritten and expanded version of the story.

Have you ever wondered if your life is designed? Coincidences, déjà vu, fate, God, what does it all mean? Have you ever wished you could go back and do things differently? 

If you could design your own virtual world to live in, what would it look like? 

A computer technician gets more than she bargains for when she plunges herself and her companions into virtual-reality cryogenic stasis to escape a raging virus. 



In FAITH AWAKENED, Grace Bridges has painted a frightening and thoughtful vision of the future. Christianity and science fiction meet and mesh in this original tale that had me speed discover if faith is rewarded. 
~ Jeremy Robinson, bestselling author of THE DIDYMUS CONTINGENCY and ANTARKTOS RISING

This is the best first novel by a New Zealand author that I have ever read. 
~ Jules Riding, New Zealand songwriter

Just how badly would we wreck things if global society is governed as though humans were the highest power? Can technology apprehend the Divine? Bridges is a literary artist, who paints her dystopian future setting with a vibrant narrative-style brush. FAITH AWAKENED is a Biblical Sci-Fi classic, and I look forward to viewing more of Grace Bridges’ futuristic works in my mind’s eye. 
~ Frank Creed, author of FLASHPOINT and founder of the Lost Genre Guild

FAITH AWAKENED is unlike any other book I have ever read.... an intricately woven, well-written tale. Almost without realizing it, the reader is helplessly entangled in the undercurrents of the story...An excellent, touching, and spiritually enlightening read. Your own faith will be awakened as you share the experiences of Bridges’ well-defined characters, and you will remember their story for years to come. 
~ Delia Latham, author of ALMOST LIKE A SONG and GOLDENEYES

FAITH AWAKENED does what few novels can do: taking the reader into a fantasy land via science fiction...vibrantly portraying both a world gone mad, and a world at peace. It’s hard to believe this is her first published novel...You’ll want more. 
~ David Brollier, author of THE 3RD COVENANT

A fascinating tale of playing God over one’s own virtual life, while the real God influences the real one... or both. 
~ Angela Brett, 1995 winner of the Katherine Mansfield Young Writers’ Award

Even a month after reading FAITH AWAKENED, I still find myself pondering the story. Grace has written a wonderful, unique story and I recommend it to any Christian reader who’s looking for something out of the ordinary. 
~ Karina Fabian, sci-fi and fantasy author, Anthology Editor of INFINITE SPACE, INFINITE GOD 

FAITH AWAKENED, while pushing into the slippery waters of science fiction, is accessible and enjoyable to all kinds of readers with realistic vignettes to which readers can easily relate. 
~ Phil Flynt, YouTube comedian

A wonderfully creative twist on Christianity... FAITH AWAKENED rekindled my interest in science fiction and I look forward to reading more books by Grace Bridges, as well as others in this genre. Did I like this book? Yes, immensely! Would I recommend it? Definitely! 
~ Tammy Varner Hornbeck, Author of FAITH, HOPE...AND THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE and Editor of the Temple Tribune

“Grace Bridges has a keen eye for detail. Her descriptive prose pulls you in through and through, forcing you to continue reading. It is a feat few can pull off properly. Bridges nails it right from page one.”  
~ A.P. Fuchs, author/creator of the AXIOM-MAN series

Grace Bridges’ style is lyrical and graceful, and she describes disturbing images intermingled with beauty. Almost a fable, this story will remain with you long after you read it. 
~ Amy Deardon, author of A Lever Long Enough

Christianity with a scientific twist. FAITH AWAKENED takes you on an intriguing journey into fantasy where anything is possible. A must read for science fiction lovers. 
~ Toni V. Lee, author of EXPECTATIONS 

“International novelist Grace Bridges explores the duality of mind and space in her post-apocalyptic novel, FAITH AWAKENED. Taking the reader on a roller coaster of guesswork and faith, Bridges keeps readers engaged as they try to figure out the role of faith, sentience, and reality. It’s a novel that will leave you guessing till its denouement.” 
~ Kristen Collier, Editor/Co-owner of Tangerine Sky Productions Ltd., Author of JOY THE JELLYFISH, Co-author of DREAMCHASER

“A child seeking acceptance, a slave seeking to be free, the lost finding hope in a dying world. Past, present, and future, pulling together both reality and dream-scape... Grace Bridges brings her characters to life with much feeling and emotion. A tight concise story, descriptively written... Very well done.” 
~ “Jesus Puppy”, writer and blogger

The unorthodoxy of Bridges’ narrative quickly becomes addictive. A bleak, richly textured storyworld... a vivid, unusual journey... long, deep chords of redemptive renewal. FAITH AWAKENED is an invigorating step off the beaten path. 
~ Cathi-Lyn Dyck, freelance writer and editor

Faith Awakened is a wonderful story full of exciting twists, turns and what-if questions. Just when you think you have it figured out...guess again! I couldn’t put it down. 
~ Paulette Harris, author and speaker 

FAITH AWAKENED is a successful coming-of-age work of biblical speculative fiction, subtly leading the reader to ask what is important in life while using a backdrop of cataclysmic disaster...both intense and inspirational...a journey of life lessons learned, tragedies overcome, and lifelong friendships forged, written with a touch of adventure, suspense, romance and a spiritual theme in a futuristic setting. 
~ Donna Sundblad, author of WINDWALKER and PUMPING YOUR MUSE