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Splashdown Books Submissions - Frequently Asked Questions

What ads are placed in the back of my book?
Some will be for books that are similar to yours in genre or target audience. One will be for Splashdown in general, and one is targeted at authors who may wish to join us.

Can I publish a separate limited edition (e.g. hardback)?
Of course. You retain all rights to your book and can make other editions without the Splashdown label if you wish.

Do I have to publish both print and ebook?
No, you can choose one or the other, but it is highly recommended to do both and maximise your potential audience. When one format is complete, doing the other isn't much extra work.

What is involved in ISBN registration?
You will need to mail two physical copies plus a completed form to the New Zealand National Library. The third copy is simply for my archive.

Can I include my own links and ads in the book?
Absolutely. You have complete creative control!

What about pricing?
You are free to set and adjust your own prices for both print and ebook. You can run special offers or free ebook campaigns, and watch the results in your daily reports.

Where are the books printed?
You would be responsible for your own printing, so the answer is anywhere you like! However, I am best able to help with technical questions relating to CreateSpace or Lightning Source.

Do you accept novellas/short story collections for editing and/or publishing with Splashdown?
Yes, with the same procedure requirements for quality and approval.

What if I've worked with you before?
You may be eligible for a discount on pre-publication services. Please get in touch to discuss it.

What are the conditions for bartering?
We will sign a contract for an exchange of skills. I would prefer that you be someone already known to me, or that you come with character references. If we haven't worked together before, I will require you to fulfil your part before I do mine, or we can parcel it out into smaller exchanges. But really? My prices are rock-bottom. Have a good hard think. If you can't afford them, can you afford to be in publishing at all?

You used to be a Christian publisher. Where do you stand now?
I still add titles to Splashdown based on my own personal taste. These may include faith-based elements or not. I am aiming at readers who, like myself, may have a faith background but don't want to have it rammed down their throats, and are open to a broader range of stories than the label of "Christian fiction" could cover. I want your book to stand on its own and I still don't enjoy "preachy" stories.

What does this mean for Splashdown's status as a publisher?
We are no longer a traditional publisher. A fee is charged, and authors approved to use the brand will be publishing themselves. However, this changes nothing for readers who enjoy the Splashdown vibe, as this will go on just the same.

If your question isn't answered here, please Contact Us. We'll be glad to help!