17 Steps to Making Your Book

The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Absolutely Everything /
Indie Author's Checklist

From notion to novel; from brainstorm to book. It's a surprising amount of work if you're doing it for the first time, but never fear: with some practice and familiarity, you'll soon be moving through the necessary items like a pro.

Some links lead to external sites; the rest to information here at Splashdown University! More coming soon.
  1. Write your book. Any book you like. For fiction, you may find it helpful to look into the Snowflake Method.
  2. Do a thorough self-edit. Then have it edited first by fellow authors and eagle-eyed readers. Then by a professional. 
  3. Make changes as suggested by editors. Don't be too resistant - we only want to help you.
  4. Have it proofread. One or two others plus yourself is a good number.
  5. Write an enticing back cover blurb. Get help to make it the best it can be. Make sure you have a good bio too.
  6. Format the print file according to how you want it to look. Check out our Splashdown Standard Design instructions.
  7. Have it proofread again.
  8. Design the cover, or have someone do it for you.
  9. Insert elements from the cover in the interior, such as the same font and scene break images.
  10. Very important: Consider your keywords for publishing. Only specific ones can be used. Instructions forthcoming.
  11. Immediately prior to publishing, save a copy of the file and convert to e-book format.
  12. Upload your print files to a printer: the cover (usually a single wraparound image including the back and spine) and the interior.
  13. Upload your e-book files to distributors: the cover (front only) and your converted e-book file.
  14. As part of 12 & 13, enter your blurb, bio, and keywords into the printer and distributor interfaces.
  15. DO NOT rush any part of the process. Don't allow any lapse in quality. If you suspect it needs another proofread - do it. Not happy with any aspect of the design? Fix it.
  16. Approve print proofs.
  17. HIT GO!
Shameless plug: I offer many of these items as services. Editing, proofing, formatting, cover design, e-book conversion, and more.